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KC1A - Kuruvilla Varkey
KC1B - Kuruvilla Ulahannan

KC2A - Varkey Chacko
KC2B - Varkey Itty
KC3A - Kuruvilla Varkey
KC3B - Kuruvilla Joseph
KC3C - Kuruvilla Philipose
KC4A - Ulahannan Varkey
KC4B - Ulahannan Thomas
KC4C - Ulahannan Ulahannan
KC5A - Itty Varkey

KC5B - Itty Philipose



KE1A - Kuruvilla Kuruvilla
KE1B - Kuruvilla Varghese
KE1C - Kuruvilla Chacko
KE1D - Kuruvilla Avira
KE1E - Kuruvilla Mathew
    KE2A - Cherian Kuruvilla
    KE2B - Cherian Chandi
    KE2C - Cherian Varghese
    KE2D - Cherian Ulahannan
    KE3A - Varghese Kuruvilla
    KE3B - Varghese Philipose
    KE3C - Varghese Varghese
    KE3D- Varghese Ulahannan
    KE4A - Itty Kuruvilla
    KE4B - Itty Mathai
Thanugumpathickal East
    KE5A - Avira Kuruvilla
    KE5B - Avira Joseph
    KE5C - Avira Thomas
    KE5D - Avira Daniel
Thanugumpathickal West
    KE6A - Thomas Kuriyakose
    KE6B - Thomas Joseph
    KE6C - Thomas Abraham
    KE6D - Thomas Yohanna
    KE6E - Thomas Mathai
    KE7A - Ulahannan Kuruvilla
    KE7B - Ulahannan Varghese
    KE7C - Ulahannan Yohannan

KE7D - Ulahannan Samuel



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Fourth Generation

40 Grand Fathers

Ulahannan Samuel (40-KE7D)

Chirappurath Vilanguparackal

Ullahannan Samuel, the youngest son of Ullahannan(KE7) was born on 16 August, 1905(Chingam 1). Married Annamma (Chinnamma), daughter of Thommi Kurian, Thekkekkara Illamkavumkal, Panayampala, Karukachal. Annamma died on 8 October, 1968 and Samuel passed away on 12 February 1995 at the age of 90.

Their Sons are V.S. John (40-1) and V.S. Kurian (40-2).

The only daughter Aleyamma (Pennamma) is married to Kuriyakose, son of Scariah, Tharakkunnel, Kothala, Pampady. They have a son, Raju and a daughter, Molby.

V. S. John (40-1)

Vilanguparackal Samuel John (40-1), eldest son of Ullahannan Samuel (KE7D), born on 29 September, 1929. In 1950 he joined the Malayala Manorama Kottayam unit in the position of Librarian. Married Aleyamma (Ammini), daughter of Thomas, Pachanamuriyil family, Anicad, Mallappally. V.S. John Retired from the job in 1991 after 40 years of service.

Aleyamma, wife of V.S. John, born on 12 October 1935, joined as one of the first three teachers at MTLP School, Thottakad, which was founded by Rev. C.V. John(38-1) in 1955. Aleyamma ('Ammini Teacher') retired from the position of Head Mistress of the School in 1989 after the 34 years service.

They have three sons and two daughters. Eldest daughter Ancy (Susi) married to George Thomas, son of Thomas, Kochittiyedath family, Manarcad. George Thomas (Mon) is working for Bapco in the Kingdom of Bahrain. They have two daughters Sherin and Shebin.

Sam C. John (40-1A), the eldest son of V.S. John (40-1), born on 3 June 1959, is working for Malayala Manorama Kottayam. Married Saramma (Kunjunjamma), daughter of Mamachen, Chakkalakkuzhiyil family, meenadom. Saramma is the senior teacher at St. Thomas High School, Thottakad. They have a son, Alen John Samuel Chirappurath (40-1A1) and a daughter, Aleena Elizabeth Samuel.

Elcy, the second daughter of V.S. John (40-1), married to Reji George, son of George, Kohcikkuzhy Kariplackal family at Anicad, Mallapppaly West. Reji is working in Abu Dhabi. They have a son and two daughters. They are Arun, Anju and Ammu.

Tom C. John (40-1B), the second son of V.S. John (40-1), born on 11 November 1964, is working in the Kingdom of Bahrain and living there with family. Married Suni, daughter of M.M. Jacob, Vadasseri Mundakal family, Ericad, Puthuppally. Suni is a senior staff nurse at Royal Medical Services in Bahrain. They have two daughters Ansu Elizabeth Tom and Ashley Anna Tom and a son, Yohan Tom Chirappurath (40-1B1).

Saji C. John (40-1C), the youngest son of V.S. John (40-1), born on 3 March 1967 is working for MM Publications, Kottayam. Married Rini, daughter of Scariah, Ezholickal family, Mundathanam, Pathanad. They have two sons, Akhil John Chirappurath (40-1C1) and Ashwin Issac John Chirappurath (40-1C2).

V. S. Kurian (40-2)

Vilanguparackal Samuel Kurian (40-2), youngest son of Ullahannan Samuel (KE7D), married Mariyamma, daughter of Punnoose, Mylakkattu family, Vakathanam. Mariyamma died on 27 June 1994 at the age of 58.

They have two sons and three daughters. Eldest daughter Jessy married to Babu, son of Lukose, Olassayil family, Changanacheery. They have a son and two daughters.

Laly, the second daughter of V.S. Kurian (40-2), married to Raju, son of Baby, Kalathara family, Puthuppallay. They have a son and a daughter.

Shyla, the third daughter of V.S. Kurian (40-2), is not married.

Sam V. Kurian (Jaimon) (40-2A), the eldest son of V.S. Kurian (40-2), is working in the United Kingdom and living there with family. Married Annamma (Jiby), daughter of Varghese, Punnackad, Perinthalmannu. Jiby is a staff nurse in a hospital in the United Kingdom. They have a son, Arun Sam Kurian (40-2A1).

Punnoose V. Kurian (Biju) (40-2B), the youngest son of V.S. Kurian (40-2), married Mincy, daughter of Varkey, Nellippallil family, Punnathara, Ettumanoor. Mincy is a staff nurse in a hospital in the United Kingdom. They have a daughter.


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